Quick Crafts: Valentines Bunting- Includes free template!

‘Heart Felt’

This cute craft project is a great way to make a delightful decorative bunting garland for valentines day. This is also a sweet garland to make for nursery decor or baby showers, and the details you add make it an adorable personalised handmade gift.

Its a simple way to make bunting that’s beautiful from both sides, the beauty of felt is that it has a clean finished edge once you cut it, the trick is cutting it smoothly- you’ll really need good scissors.


  • Felt in the colours of your choice, I love the colours in this beautiful felt pack from Boao
  • Satin ribbon, 1/4″ wide, double faced is nice as it looks great on both sides.
  • Sharp fabric shears
  • Tailors Chalk or marking pencil.
  • Pins
  • Heart template, make your own, or use our free to download template below.

20 Pieces Valentine’s Day Felt Fabric Sheets

Ribest 1/4 inch 50 Yards Solid Double Face Satin Ribbon 

Mr. Pen- Fabric Scissors, Sewing Scissors, 8 inch Premium Tailor Scissors

Step 2: Cut pairs of felt hearts.

Step 3: Cut your template at the dotted line and use it to mark the position of your ribbon. You only need to do this on half the cut hearts.

Step 4: pin your ribbon on your mark, then add a second heart cut out on top, and pin around the edge.

Step 5: Space the hearts out as you want to, a gap of one hearts width. stitch around the edges, 6mm from the cut edge. If anything is misaligned you can trim a little at the end

This is a really fun project for beginners and kids learning to stitch, And with this technique you can make really pretty bunting in any shapes or colours you can imagine.

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