Men who sew.

Photo by Jake Ryan from Pexels There has been an incredible draw towards craft during the pandemic. With being at home, so many of us have turned to learning old world skills. There is something about focusing on an act of creativity that can calm us, and take our minds off the frightening bigger picture. Making as aContinue reading “Men who sew.”

The Up-Cycled Cloth Collective

Just a few short years ago Melanie Brummer launched a project to encourage others to up-cycle fabrics, and make them your own. This project has grown exponentially since, with tens of thousands of members all around the world. Up-cycling fabrics is something that is close to our hearts here at Sew You Magazine, we haveContinue reading “The Up-Cycled Cloth Collective”

Why Sewing IS an ESSENTIAL service

A look into the past, present and the future… As the global COVID pandemic spread around the world, there was an unprecedented increase in people interested in sewing, something that is not unique in human history. During times of great historical significance, this has always been one of the primary skills that women, and men,Continue reading “Why Sewing IS an ESSENTIAL service”