Scrunch Time

This flouncy bouncy little accessory is often the first thing you make when you are learning to sew, its a simple process, and with this easy method you won’t actually need to finish it off with hand sewing, but if you do decide to be a perfectionist and close it by hand, it leaves aContinue reading “Scrunch Time”

Cutie Pie Apron

With free pattern download A quick sewing project for the little star baker in your life. An easy gift to stitch for kids birthdays, a homemade, unique gift is so much more memorable than a mass produced plastic big brand item. With a little set of cookie cutters and a wooden spoon its a reallyContinue reading “Cutie Pie Apron”

Quick Crafts: Valentines Bunting- Includes free template!

‘Heart Felt’ This cute craft project is a great way to make a delightful decorative bunting garland for valentines day. This is also a sweet garland to make for nursery decor or baby showers, and the details you add make it an adorable personalised handmade gift. Its a simple way to make bunting that’s beautifulContinue reading “Quick Crafts: Valentines Bunting- Includes free template!”

Button week: bound buttonholes

An aspect of clothing that we often take for granted, the humble buttonhole. Buttonholes were invented in the Middle Ages, it’s hard to imagine a time before such simple closures existed, but in the 13th century people were lacing themselves into their clothes. Thank goodness for buttons. A beautifully finished buttonhole can elevate your sewingContinue reading “Button week: bound buttonholes”