Cutie Pie Apron

With free pattern download

A quick sewing project for the little star baker in your life.

An easy gift to stitch for kids birthdays, a homemade, unique gift is so much more memorable than a mass produced plastic big brand item. With a little set of cookie cutters and a wooden spoon its a really sweet personal present. Ties that thread through channels on the sides ensures an easy and comfortable fit.


  • Small: children approximately 2-5
  • Medium: approximately 5-10

This project is deceptively simple, it includes a few slightly tricky aspects, like topstitching a curve. So its easy to complete in an hour or two, and can help you practise some useful stitching techniques. This is an excellent project to up-cycle old clothing, and there’s no limit to the personal details you could add.


  • Non stretch cotton cloth you’ll need about 40cm (16″) on 150cm wide cloth ( 59″) for the small apron and about 45cm (18″) for the medium size.
  • A small piece of lightweight cotton fabric for the pocket lining, I used voile (you can stitch this project without lining the pocket- but its a neat and simple way to create a clean curve)
  • Print out of the pattern in the required size
  • Sharp fabric shears
  • Tailors Chalk or marking pencil.
  • Pins
  • 2m 2″wide soft ribbon, or you could stitch a strip of fabric.

Join your pattern pieces and cut them out.Pin them to your fabric, making sure to pay attention to grainlines, Cut carefully, remember to mark the dots for the pocket position.

Then assemble the pocket pieces

Line the pocket up to just cover the marks on the body of the apron, and topstitch at 1mm from the edge. Thread ribbon through the tunnels, a loop turner or bodkin would be really helpful for this. And press to finish.

SUPVOX 2PCS Drawstring Steel Bodkin

Well Made Tools Easy, 10.5″- LOOP TURNER

A few ideas to add to this as a gift….

LILIAO Star Cookie Cutters – 3 Various Size – Large: 3.6 inches, Medium: 2.8 inches and Small: 2 inches – Stainless Steel

Twinklebelle Kids’ Natural Solid Wood Mini Spoons for Cooking and Play, 6-pc pack 

Wilton Baking Cups, STD, Metallic

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