Create your own powder puff


Since the little sponges that come with face powders tend to disintegrate before your powder, this makes an exceptionally good idea. A gently, soft powder puff.

It also makes a great stocking filler (the festive season is just around the corner), match it up with a cute, really easy drawstring bag sewing pattern, to make a really functional gift for the women, and little princesses in your life. Or just as a general pamper gift for someone in your life.

Click Here for the blog post that shows you how to make cute little iron on prints that will allow you to customize your gift bags.

What you will need
10cm / 4” square of fabric 10cm / 4” square of faux / teddy bear fur 10cm / 4” square of hard iron on interfacing 10cm / 4” length of ribbon for the back


  1. On the non-glue side of your interfacing, mark out a circle of 10cm / 4” length across and cut out. Mark an inner circle of 1cm / 3/8”, this will be your seam line
  1. With the glue side of your interfacing against the wrong side of your fabric, use your interfacing to cut out your fabric, attach together by using a hot iron, or basting along the edges.
  1. Across the middle of the back of your fabric circle, place your length of ribbon. Baste the edges into place and trim away excess ribbon
  1. Use your fabric circle, to measure out and cut your faux fur. Wrong sides facing, joining the sections together sewing along your marked seam allowance. Leave a gap of around 2.5cm / 1” to allow you to be able to turn your powder puff right way out.
  1. Turn your powder puff right way out, and use an invisible hand stitch to sew the opening closed. Press for neatness.

Your new powder puff is ready to use

Happy Sewing!

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