OH NO! Did you forget?

Twas the night before Christmas… and perhaps you forgot, and only just remembered to get a gift for that special someone in your life. But fear not, we have some really great ideas just for you…

Idea #1:

Of course we feel this is one of the best gifts you could possible give – an annual subscription to Sew You! Magazine. It’s digital, so you can pop online and get it now! CLICK HERE to do just that, and give the gift of sewing enjoyment that will last for an entire year!

Idea #2:

Downloadable sewing patterns! That’s right, another great gift you can purchase within minutes without leaving the comfort of your own home. CLICK HERE to view the beautiful rang of digital patterns from Boo Le Heart Sewing Patterns.

Or perhaps knitting is a more suited gift idea… why not try Vee’s Kits for her array of downloadable knitting patterns. CLICK HERE to view them now!

Idea #3:

eBooks – quick, and easy, and thoughtful gifts. Who doesn’t love receiving a brand new book? CLICK HERE to view a range of sewing themed eBooks that can be ordered and delivered… even on Christmas Day!

Idea #4:

It might seem old school… but there’s nothing like a really thoughtful I.O.U for Christmas… why not something really amazing like an I.O.U to go on a fabric shopping spree. That way it’s a gift for you and the person you will take shopping with you!

Idea #5:

All of these gifts go really great with one thing… a Christmas Card of course! Why not visit MarranArt’s store – she sells downloadable cards (with envelopes) and gift bags and boxes too. Download, and print them ready to go in just the nick of time CLICK HERE to view her range now!


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