I am looking for guest contributors to write for my sewing blog and magazine!

The magazine is quarterly, so I will require at least one article every 3 months from you.

I am going to be posting much more regularly on the website as a way of bringing more traffic flow. The goal is to ultimately make daily posts, if you would like to write for the site (which will include a free advertising banner for your own sewing brands) than this is the process I would like to go through.

Step 1: Sign up for a fiverr account, and create a $5 gig – on top of your free advertising I would like to pay you for articles for both the magazine and the website. For each article, you should clear around $4 (or +- R50 depending on the exchange rate) – please use this referral link to sign up ASAP

Step 2: Send me a list of suggested articles you would like to write for the magazine or website, as well as the link to your gig on fiverr via email.

Step 3: Make sure to email me all the details and images you would like included in your free adverts (a banner advert for the website and a full page advert for the magazine) – plus any links to any sites that need to be include

That way I can easily order an article from you amongst the list of topics. This includes your standard articles for every magazine issue, so I will be paying you for this amazing information AND you will still get a free full page of advertising. By placing this order through Fiverr, it will also help us to stick to deadlines. The next magazine article will be due by 8th of this month (January 2019).

Magazine articles, words are around 800 to 900 words with really great photos. For the website’s blog posts, up to 500 words are great. Please with good quality images.

Magazine issues by theme for 2019:

It was a tough decision to make, but it was finally decided to make the magazine a quarterly one instead of bi-monthly. This means that from next year there will only be four issues every year. Here are the themes, for if you want to write accordingly:

Jan to March 2019 – Our first bridal issue! We have a beautiful bride for the cover, and a stunning wedding gown pattern for this issue.

April to June 2019 – Our first Lingerie issue, with a focus on sporty and “comfortable” undies

July to September – All things upcycling – we love sewing upcycled goodies! – May have a small Halloween theme running through it

October to December – Our Second Christmas issue (this year we did a jeans Christmas issue, next year we’re thinking of doing a party / skater skirt issue

I look forward to hearing from you!


Founding Editor

Sew You! Magazine

Sew your own style! VL�

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