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Scrunch Time

This flouncy bouncy little accessory is often the first thing you make when you are learning to sew, its a simple process, and with this easy method you won’t actually need to finish it off with hand sewing, but if you do decide to be a perfectionist and close it by hand, it leaves aContinue reading “Scrunch Time”

Men who sew.

Photo by Jake Ryan from Pexels There has been an incredible draw towards craft during the pandemic. With being at home, so many of us have turned to learning old world skills. There is something about focusing on an act of creativity that can calm us, and take our minds off the frightening bigger picture. Making as aContinue reading “Men who sew.”

Cutie Pie Apron

With free pattern download A quick sewing project for the little star baker in your life. An easy gift to stitch for kids birthdays, a homemade, unique gift is so much more memorable than a mass produced plastic big brand item. With a little set of cookie cutters and a wooden spoon its a reallyContinue reading “Cutie Pie Apron”

Quick Crafts: Valentines Bunting- Includes free template!

‘Heart Felt’ This cute craft project is a great way to make a delightful decorative bunting garland for valentines day. This is also a sweet garland to make for nursery decor or baby showers, and the details you add make it an adorable personalised handmade gift. Its a simple way to make bunting that’s beautifulContinue reading “Quick Crafts: Valentines Bunting- Includes free template!”


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Hi, I’m Nathalie. Professional sewing pattern designer, and fabric designer, my passion is creating new and vibrant designs, and patterns that are really easy for the novice and professional – I LOVE sharing my favorites with you!

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