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Potato prints

Re-experience a childhood favorite craft with surprisingly effective results. A simple activity, great to do with young children at home, this even held my 3 year old’s attention and she loves the cushions we created together for her bedroom. With some planning a simple repeated geometric shape can create a beautiful pattern. What you’ll need…Continue reading “Potato prints”

Burn tests

Why would you set fire to your fabric? You may have heard mention that a burn test will help to determine your fabric composition, but you’re not sure what you’re looking for when you burn your swatches. Believe it or not, the flame, smoke and ash from burning a piece of fabric can tell youContinue reading “Burn tests”


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Hi, I’m Nathalie. Professional sewing pattern designer, and fabric designer, my passion is creating new and vibrant designs, and patterns that are really easy for the novice and professional – I LOVE sharing my favorites with you!

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