Rusted Fabrics

At Sew You Magazine we absolutely love brand new ways of creating, especially fabrics and textile art, so when we cam across this brand new range of dog themed, rusted fabrics by Rusty Dog Fabrics, we just knew that we had to share it with you. About Rusty Dog Fabrics Unique individually rusted fabrics createContinue reading “Rusted Fabrics”

Top Sewing Machines for Kids

As a young child my mom taught me to sew on her domestic sewing machine, and it’s one of the best skills she ever taught me – so much so that I even made a career out of it. I often hear from mom’s about how proud they are when their children come to themContinue reading “Top Sewing Machines for Kids”

Installing Eyelets – A Practical Guide

During my time as a bridal dressmaker, I inserted countless eyelets into corseted bodices, which also gave me the opportunity to test an assortment of tools for the job. There was one tool, however that always stood out above the others. Not only is it really great quality but it is easy to use andContinue reading “Installing Eyelets – A Practical Guide”

Why Sewing IS an ESSENTIAL service

A look into the past, present and the future… As the global COVID pandemic spread around the world, there was an unprecedented increase in people interested in sewing, something that is not unique in human history. During times of great historical significance, this has always been one of the primary skills that women, and men,Continue reading “Why Sewing IS an ESSENTIAL service”

The little machine that could

Are you interested in learning how to sew? Do you find yourself looking for a smaller and more lightweight machine for your sewing needs… then we have just the machine for you. The Juki HZL-27Z Deluxe Compact Sewing Machine weighs only 12lbs (roughly 5.5kg) and is a simple yet robust machine that can tackle mostContinue reading “The little machine that could”

New Craft Shop on the Block

Online craft shops are growing in popularity, not just because they are a quick and easy way to buy handmade crafts as well as craft supplies, but also as a marketplace to sell handmade with love goods. Nathalie Marran is a business woman pioneering the way for South Africans to be able to reach aContinue reading “New Craft Shop on the Block”

The classic print that’s HOT now!

What’s HOT right now in fashion? Prints, especially bold, yet classic prints like Houndstooth. Here at Sew You Magazine we are HUGE fans of this timeless print. Not only is houndstooth HOT for the coming fashion season, but so is “Print on Print”… in otherwords, let’s double up on that print before stepping out thatContinue reading “The classic print that’s HOT now!”

Our Collector’s Edition

This January we launched our fifth issue, and our very first Bridal Issue, what’s more is it represents an entire year’s worth of magazine issues. That’s right, our next issue which is coming out in April, will be our birthday issue, and we will officially be going for more than a year! How exciting isContinue reading “Our Collector’s Edition”