Scrunch Time

This flouncy bouncy little accessory is often the first thing you make when you are learning to sew, its a simple process, and with this easy method you won’t actually need to finish it off with hand sewing, but if you do decide to be a perfectionist and close it by hand, it leaves a really little space to close.

There are many methods to make these, and the cardboard tube trick is just useful in the beginning to help you get the hang of how to fold this, but once you’ve made a few you probably won’t need it anymore.

  • Strip of fabric, approximately 24″ (62cm) x6″ (16cm) This is quite generous, & you can adjust as you prefer.
  • Elastic, 6mm corded, approximately 8″(21cm)
  • Cardboard tube, I used the inside of a toilet roll.
  • Tape
  • bodkin or large safety pin.

Step 1: Fold your fabric in half lengthways,

and stitch the short ends together to form a loop.

This sweet and simple accessory is a great way to use up your scraps, and makes a great beginner project.

Scrunchies are gentle on your hair and actually look pretty on your arm.

You can really get creative with touches of lace or beading, interesting textures or printed patterns for quick and unique handmade gifts.

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