Five FREE craft books to read right now

Available on Amazon Kindle to download and read right now!

We know 2020 has been a tough one, here’s 5 FREE kindle books for your to download and read right now, to help you to make your Christmas even more festive.

**At the time of posting this article all of these kindle books were available for free, the various authors may no longer be running these promotions, or may only run them for a limited time, to avoid disappointment, get your copies ASAP**

Homemade Christmas Gifts

14 Gift Ideas & DIY Home Decor

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Whether you’re looking to create your own unique holiday decor this year or you’re looking for some clever gift ideas for friends and family, Homemade Christmas Gifts: 14 Gift Ideas & DIY Home Decor is filled with great projects that are perfect for all your holiday decorating and gift-giving needs!

11 Sewing Room Ideas

How to Organize Your Room

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You’re craft room or sewing room is in complete disarray. Where are the needles? Where’s your favorite thread? Scissors are nowhere to be found, and you can’t seem to find your bias tape. Everything is all over the place, like a bomb went off or a three-year-old came in and threw a tantrum. It’s time to get organized, my friend. And it’s as easy as downloading this free eBook, 11 Sewing Room Ideas: How to Organize Your Room. You’ll find amazing and creative tips and tricks to take your room from dab to fab in no time at all.

Sewing for Beginners

a Novice Guide on How to Sew the Most Astonishing Sewing Projects and 10 Quick and Easy Sewing Patterns to Master

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If you’ve always fancied taking up sewing but didn’t know where to start, this guide for the absolute beginner is for you. This book sewing for Beginners explains all the essential basics of sewing including how to choose the best fabrics and threads for projects. Learn skills in amazing sewing crafts such as cross-stitch, Running Stitch and OVERCLOCK. In this book it provides all you need to know to start your own sewing projects, including Needle Threading Tips for beginners.
After reading this handy book anyone can quickly learn to sew, master new stitches and make a selection of cute and easy first sewing projects,
This book takes you through the basic techniques of this fun and creative craft. As beginners you’ll learn everything you need to get started, including how to do the necessary stitches, how to make seams and how to work with patterns.
Key points:
•This book offers a starting point for those who want to learn how to sew.
•Simple and straight forward explanations guide the novice through the basic techniques.
•Clearly explained projects help the reader put the skills into practice.
•Stylish projects include Women beautiful and easy Top, Front Maxi Dress, Beautiful Scarf and much more
You will learn
•How to Sew
•Sewing Tools
•Hand Sewing: The Basics
•Needle Threading Tips
•How to Take Measurements
•Measurement Charts
•Easiest Free Sewing Patterns
•And much more!!!

An introduction to take Body Measurement

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This Free eBook shows you how to take body measurement. Theses measurement can be used in drafting and designing of clothes. The proper body measurement is the first step to having an excellent fit in the clothes you make.
Taking body measurement would take you less than half an hour. So why not buddy up with a friend over a cup of tea and take each other’s body measurement. When you need to make an outfit, you already have all the measurements you need.

Sewing for Baby

11 Small Sewing Projects for Your Little One

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Whether you are expecting or your bundle of joy is already here, there is one thing new moms (and dads) are in need of clothes. Kids seem to go through and grow out of clothes so fast. To keep up with your kid, we’ve compiled some amazing patterns in this free eBook, Sewing for Baby 11 Small Sewing Projects for Your Little One. These easy sewing projects for babies will help you save money as well, which is something else that new parents always seem to need as well. Even if you are not a parent, the clothes and accessories that are included in this eBook will make for some amazing presents for those people in your life who are.

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