Halloween Fabric Candy Bowl

Create a spooktacular impression with these…

What you need:

Fabric of your choosing, thick woven. I chose a thick woven cotton that has been sitting in my fabric stash for quite some time now.

Fabric Stabilizer – I highly recommend Terial Magic for projects like this. This fabric stabilizer makes fabrics “paper like” and so much easier to work with.


Fabric Paint, or even these fun iron on transfer pens, to transfer your designs to your fabrics.

Watch the video at the end at this post to see how these work, then click on the image to get your pens!

Download this pdf of the sewing pattern:

Start by pressing your fabric and treating it with your fabric stabilizer. This will make it more sturdy and easier to work with. Once your fabric is ready, cut out your fabric and lining sections.

On the outer fabric sections, paint your Halloween inspired faces – you can create your own or download the below stencils that we have created for you. Leave to dry.

While your faces dry, you can start sewing together your lining sections.

Step 1:

Start by folding the fabric inwards along the top fold line and pressing flat. You can baste the seam flat to keep it in place, (this will be along the top 3 sides of the octagon shape).

Step 2:

Sew together the two side sections of the octagon, to the panel next to it. Once you have sewn the four panels together, you will start to see that it is starting to take a bowl shape, but with a small hole in its bottom.

Step 3:

Press all sides inwards on your square pattern piece. Press them inwards by 1.5cm (5/8in). Baste into place.

Step 4:

Place the fabric square with it’s wrong side on the right side of the fabric for the lining, over the hole in your bowls bottom. Pin into place to secure it and make sure that you are happy with its positioning. Then stitch into place, you can use a zigzag or a decorative stitch to finish it of.

Once the fabric paint has dried on your main fabric sections, sew them together in the same way they you have sewn the lining sections together in steps 1 to 4.

Step 5:

With wrong sides of fabric facing, insert the sewn lining into the main fabric section. Line up along the top ends and pin securely together. Then as close as possible (at least 5mm or 1/8in) from the edge, stitch the lining and main fabric sections together… your bowl is now ready to use.

Your Fabric Candy bowl is now ready too use!





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