What the Quilt…

Every now and then something new comes along that really ignites my excitement for sewing… this is one of those things. Life just got easier… and quilting has become more exciting!

I haven’t made many quilts, but the few that I have made, well… the most dreary and worst part of it all is having to cut out hundreds and hundreds of little shapes. Eventually my fingers are raw from cutting continuously with scissors, and I feel like I JUST CAN’T anymore… then these nifty new fabric cutters came along.

I will be very honest with you… I got really excited, like “high school girl” excited… and now I am planning a whole pile of new quilting projects. I absolutely LOVE these machines, and accuquilt has a whole array of different machines to help you, according to your size of projects, and how often you will be using the machines. CLICK HERE to view the full range now.

I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend these for every quilting fan – or even if you are just looking for a great excuse to use up all your fabric scraps. Save time, and have some fun with a brand new fabric cutting machine.

Oh and yes… remember to follow us on Instagram, where we will definitely be sharing our upcoming quilting projects with you… we will also be including a few free tutorials too as we have fun with our new sewing room addition.

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