Holiday Themed Drawstring Bags

This is a quick guide on how to print your own iron on stickers at home to apply to themed bags. This idea is really great for Christmas themed gift bags or Halloween themed Trick or Treat bags.

You will need:

Step 1:

First I cut out a really thick iron-on interfacing to the size of A4 / letter sized sheets (use a standard sheet of paper for your printer as a pattern piece to trace them from), and placed them in the feeder tray of my ink jet printer, making sure the glue was on the opposite side to be printed.

Step 2:
I got some awesome pictures off the internet and printed them (as I would paper), though you can print any image you like, even photographs of friends and family – or your favourite cat.

View some really great graphics and clipart available from MarranArt by CLICKING HERE – her fun graphic art is perfect for prints and this type of crafting

Step 3:
I cut out the images and ironed them onto the main fabric of the bags. The best time to do this is after cutting out the pattern pieces, but before sewing it all together.

Step 4:
Finish putting your drawstring bags together, according to the pattern and instructions for the Drawstring Bag

Step 5:

Share your awesomeness and your new bags with friends and family.


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One thought on “Holiday Themed Drawstring Bags

  1. You can halve the work by recycling an old sweater / top if the design has no up / down. Just cut from armpit to armpit, turn inside out, and sew. Where there used to be the bottom is now the top. Hem it, if there is no hem already, and thread drawstring through. Done. Less waste, and recyclable.


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