The Up-Cycled Cloth Collective

Just a few short years ago Melanie Brummer launched a project to encourage others to up-cycle fabrics, and make them your own.

This project has grown exponentially since, with tens of thousands of members all around the world.

Up-cycling fabrics is something that is close to our hearts here at Sew You Magazine, we have shared many up-cycling projects with you in our previous issues, and we are excitedly looking forward to sharing more with you on our website as we move forward.

We are very aware of the harmful impact the textile industry has on the environment. Every year tonnes (literally, tonnes) of fabric and textile scraps find their way into our landfills and oceans. The needless waste is making a huge, negative impact on the earth.

tonnes of textile waste finds its way into our landfills every year

We joined the UCCC Facebook groups in 2018 and have watched her brand grow, it inspires us, and many others, to make careful decisions around our textile impact on the earth. We also love seeing how so many of the people in these groups create small businesses and careers out of selling their up-cycled products, proving that one persons “trash” can truly be another person’s “treasure” – and an earth friendly way to earn an income.

We love up-cycling and re-using, and for all those fabric scraps that don’t fall under one of these categories, we place them in eco-bricks and donate them to worthwhile charities and causes. (CLICK HERE to find out more)

Thank you Melanie for inspiring us, and many other sewists around the world!

Find the UCCC on Facebook, join in the fun and creativity, and help make the planet a better place for everyone.

Below is a short video on Melanie’s journey, watch and enjoy…what inspiration she is.

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