Rusted Fabrics

At Sew You Magazine we absolutely love brand new ways of creating, especially fabrics and textile art, so when we cam across this brand new range of dog themed, rusted fabrics by Rusty Dog Fabrics, we just knew that we had to share it with you.

About Rusty Dog Fabrics

Unique individually rusted fabrics create beautiful gifts!  How the process works: a Rusty Metal Template has been rusted and transferred to beautiful fabric. Every piece is original.

At Rusty Dog Textiles they create their fabrics in collaboration with Mother Nature.

Welsh Corgi throw pillow

Using their own unique designs along with the blazing hot Arizona Sun and the naturally occurring oxidation process, they create one of a kind fabrics for pillows and totes and fabrics.

Minute changes in the daily weather causes each piece to be truly unique. No two could ever be the same with this process.

They currently have over 30 different designs for dog lovers, and fabric lovers – the perfect gift, not just for yourself, but for those pooch, fabric loving friends and family members.

Great Dane on a tote bag

These designs are especially well suited for making fun tote bags, as well as throw pillows – just what you need to give your home that special rustic feel. This is something that is truly unique, and creative… you wont find it anywhere else. To view their full range of print option CLICK HERE

An example of one of the plates used to make the fabrics

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