Why Sewing IS an ESSENTIAL service

A look into the past, present and the future…

As the global COVID pandemic spread around the world, there was an unprecedented increase in people interested in sewing, something that is not unique in human history.

During times of great historical significance, this has always been one of the primary skills that women, and men, from around the world have turned to, to help during times of emergencies and crisis.

During The Great Depression, the Women’s Work Relief hired women to sew for hospitals, orphanages and other essential services, as well as taught women how to sew. This vital service helped women to bring incomes home to their families when a lot of men were losing their jobs, and helped to stimulate a suffering economy.

During World War 2, the Queen and Queen Mother ran Sewing Bees to help teach and train women to sew, again to look after their families, as well as to sew for essential services.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, thousands of people began sewing from home, creating medical and domestic use facemasks, as a way to create an income to support their families, as well as to donate towards hospitals and other essential services to help save lives.

The truth us that we NEED sewing, and people who are skilled sewists. Even once the pandemic has passed, it will take longer for economies to recover and for jobs to be created. Those who can sew are very luckily sitting with an upper hand – they have an essential skill that can help them to create their very own small, home based business, where they can learn to sew from home in order to earn an income for themselves and their families.

Moving forward we would love to see so many more people learn this skill and become a part of, not just an industry, but a movement. A movement of sustainability and self-sufficiency.

The National Sewing Circle has a rich assortment of tutorials to help you to learn to sew, or to improve your sewing skills, click on the below banner for more information…

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