The classic print that’s HOT now!

What’s HOT right now in fashion? Prints, especially bold, yet classic prints like Houndstooth. Here at Sew You Magazine we are HUGE fans of this timeless print.

Not only is houndstooth HOT for the coming fashion season, but so is “Print on Print”… in otherwords, let’s double up on that print before stepping out that door!

How best to make the most of this print…

The most stylish way to wear this print is by having a matching top and bottom… let’s start by looking at the bottom!

The top voted pair of bottoms for 2020 is by far ladies super comfortable leggings. I am such a huge fan of these, and my favourite sewing pattern is the Ladies 10 step leggings sewing pattern by Boo Le Heart. It comes in 3 different lengths and is really quick and easy to make with only 5 seams – this sewing pattern is really an investment for you for your “Me Made” wardrobe… CLICK HERE to get yours now

So what’s styling on the top?

The ideal top right now is a 3/4 sleeve t-shirt that is really ideal for the upcoming “in-between” seasons of Autumn and Spring. Boo Le heart has the best fitting raglan shirt that is perfect for the job with its 3/4 sleeve. Together these two patterns are perfect for the ultimate look for the next few months.

And of course the best way to finish off this entire style is by adding an amazing pair of shoes, and I found the most beautiful shoes imaginable. To finish off this look, I am investing in this pair of Houndstooth Heels by AngeCatDesigns, in my heart I truly feel that these are my fashion investment of the decade…

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