Sewing Lounge-wear

These past few months we really discovered what an essential skill sewing is. In fact, if anything, it can help to save lives – quite literally. However, I think right now there are many of us who just can’t face the idea of sitting down to sew yet another facemask, so what projects can we take on next?

A new wardrobe of course. A few years ago, if you had asked me, I would never has thought that pandemic, or “end of the world” type of fashion, would be me spending the day in my jammies, or the most comfy outfit I could throw on for the day, but in truth that is exactly what has happened… for most of us.

So much so, that there has been an increase in demand for lounge wear. Here are my top 5 favourite sewing patterns for the outfits I have worn the most over the past few months.

  • The Shirt Dress

I love this sewing pattern. A few years ago, I used the pattern for this shirt dress, to sew myself a satin version to wear as sleepwear. During lockdown, this became the number one item I wore, and had to sew more for myself.

During business calls it can be easily mistaken as an actual “professional” shirt, I can quickly throw on a belt to make it look more formal, and of course, it’s super comfy to lounge about the house in… and to even sleep in.

  • Ladies Track Pants

Really easy to make, and super comfy, this brand new Ladies Track Pants sewing pattern, makes the perfect addition to a lounge-wear set. It compliments the shirt dress so well. I made my lounge wear bottoms out of trilobal, but I see no reason why not to make them out of a matching satin.

  • Extra Length Hoodie

Here in the Southern Hemisphere we have gone into one of the coldest winters we have had for quite a while. Being under lockdown means that staying warm has been just as important as being comfortable. I have practically been living in my favorite extra length, fleece hoodie, along with leggings – “stylish” enough to be able to pop out to the store for a few essentials, and yet warm and comfy enough to veg out at home.

  • Ladies Leggings

Even top fashion magazines have been punting leggings as the “Must Have” Fashion item for your wardrobe – straight after those face masks of course. They are super versatile and always in style. Need to workout at home, wear leggings. Need to quickly pop out for supplies, wear leggings. Need to veg out on the couch, wear leggings. Need to do household chores – wear those super comfy leggings, and of course, need to take an afternoon nap, do it in a pair of leggings. And these look really great with the extra length hoodie too.

  • Wine glass coasters

Okay, so it’s not for the wardrobe (unless you found yourself drink wine while hiding in it), but let’s face it, for a few of us a glass of wine a day was just what we needed to help us to hold it altogether – especially on those really challenging days (you know which ones I’m talking about).

At the beginning of lockdown I made a few of these coasters out of my fabric stash, and they have become one of the most used items in my home over the past few months. So how did I make them?

To make the pattern, I found my favorite wine glass, and used its base to trace out a circle on a piece of paper. I then added an additional allowance around the edge of 1.5cm (5/8″).

I found a great, sturdy fabric and cut out two circles. One of the circles I cut down the center into two halves. I finished off all the edges with an overlocker / serger stitch.

Then with wrong sides of fabric facing, I stitch the two half circle pieces onto the bottom whole circle – stitching about 0.5cm (1/8″) from the edge – and just like that my wine glass coaster was complete. It slips on easily onto the base of my wine glass, and works wonders, and I feel it’s one of those “must have” goodies for all my wine drinking friends… so I have started to make a few sets to gift out for birthdays and of course, Christmas.

From the team at Sew You Magazine, we wish you good health and good fortune during these tough times.

Stay Safe, and if possible, stay home and sew!


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