Our Collector’s Edition

This January we launched our fifth issue, and our very first Bridal Issue, what’s more is it represents an entire year’s worth of magazine issues.

That’s right, our next issue which is coming out in April, will be our birthday issue, and we will officially be going for more than a year! How exciting is that?!

To celebrate, we have launched a book compiled of all the best parts of our first 5 issues which can be ordered as a paperback! Get your copy now, it’s over 200 pages of all things sewing and includes the instructions for the 12 FREE sewing patterns we launched last year.

And if you order the softcover version (Click on the above image), you can order the kindle version for FREE! Click on the image below to get your kindle copy NOW!

Published by Sew You! Magazine

South Africa's first digital, sewing only magazine!

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