Understanding Digital Sewing Patterns

We live in a digital world, so it’s hardly surprising when every aspect of our lives is influenced by it – and sewing patterns are no different.

Like most things digital, this makes our lives so much easier. Instead of hunting from fabric store to fabric store, we can simply pop online, make a quick search, purchase our sewing patterns and download them immediately for use.

These patterns usually work out to be more affordable as there are no production and postage costs.

With modern technology, we can even purchase them with our smart phones, and print the patterns wirelessly to our favourite printer.

Click on the image to watch the video on how to do just this…

sewing patterns 1

However, like all new territory, it can be a little scary. Today we want to show you how easy it is to print and assemble your favourite digital patterns.

Digital patterns are identical to ready-printed store bought patterns in every way, except for one. Instead of having large sheets of pattern tissue to cut up, you now print your patterns onto standard A4 / letter size pages – standard everyday paper in your home printer.

With every issue of Sew You! Magazine you will be receiving at least two free digital patterns that you will download in pdf format.

Each page will have markings on it to help you to assemble it quickly and easily – you literally line up the pages and use sellotape to keep them securely in place. Once you have assembled your large sheet, it’s business as usual by cutting out the pattern and starting your new project.

The best part of digital patterns – you can store them on your PC and print them as often as you need to. Which is fantastic, no more clutter (if you don’t want to keep your already printed and assembled pattern, simply place it in the recycling bin) and if you have friends and family who love your garment so much they want you to create it in their sizes – no problem! The only rule to remember when printing, is to ALWAYS set your printer to print “as in document” – don’t make it “fit to page” or you will find yourself struggling to make your pattern work.

Check out Boo Le Heart’s range of easy, fun digital sewing patterns…

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